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Specializing in aluminum and steel tube/pipes, tube pipe bends, ceramic lining and coating, couplers, and more! Call 989-248-3249

All Line Components, LLC, located in Greenville, MI, supplies pneumatic material conveying line components and accessories. In business since 2002, we serve all of Michigan as well as clients coast to coast.  Some of the products we offer include tube, tube/pipe, elbows, couplers, fittings, adapters, hose, wands, probes, sight glasses, strut channel, and clamps, as well as distribution boxes, slide gates, material level indicators, drum and Gaylord, covers, and railcar unloading accessories. Call 989-248-3249 today to learn how we can help you!Tube Piping

At All Line Components, LLC, we are proud to deliver superior customer service with competitive pricing. We specialize in commercial and industrial metal tubes and pipes and carry a variety of types of metals in various sizes, thicknesses, straight or bent, with adapters, and ceramic lined and coated tubes and elbows. The options are endless.

Whether you are looking for custom compression couplers, tube/pipe elbows, aluminum tubing, hose components or vacuum probes, rely on All Line Components, LLC in Greenville, MI.

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Service Areas Include: Michigan, Indiana, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio and Coast to Coast